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Did you know that our bodies physically react and literally change in response to the thoughts and emotions coursing through our heads and hearts?

That’s because our bodies detect thought processes and vibrations down to the genetic level and thus, the more we better our mental skills and habits, the healthier and more pleasant the response from our bodies is.

Every one of us seeks their own way to de-stress and relieve the tensions of everyday life, so what could be better than getting a strong, healthy and beautiful body as a “bonus” while at it!

Reformer Pilates can grant you all this benefits and then some!

Reformer Pilates



Relieves back pains


Corrects posture


Aids breathing


Strengthens muscles and encourages movement


Builds muscle tone


Burns fats


Improves flexibility


Strengthens core muscles

Benefits of reformer pilates training

Strengthening the core brings about a more stable and healthy spinal chord, which significantly decreases the chance of suffering from aches and injuries in the lumbar region. Along with increasing the muscle endurance we’ll be able exert power and strength throughout the long workouts with no signs of fatigue. With time everyday tasks and chores will require less and less effort from our bodies and we’ll even be able to reduce the risk of osteoporosis-related bone injuries. Engaging muscles regularly and training their resistance with the help of a reformer machine is proven to bring benefits for the joint and bone health overall.


Welcome to

Mindset Reformer Pilates

The studio only works through a sign-up system, every class must be reserved in advance. Take a look at the weekly schedule and sign up for your class through the website or by calling the official studio phone number.

About Us:

Mindset Reformer Pilates studio is a cozy boutique studio based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

All the training is performed on the pilates reformer beds. Our instructors have passed the strict Pilates Method training and are certified. We are experts in modifying and tailoring the exercises to cater to the needs of every client - whether you’re a beginner or have reached a more advanced level. The group classes can accommodate the maximum of 7 persons. We also schedule individual classes for those with specific issues or those who feel the need for our instructors’ undivided attention.

Our classes are designed so, that you are in constant movement on or around the reformer bed “flowing” from one exercise into another with minimal breaks for maximal result enhancement. We are determined to give you the fullest spectrum of body engagement in the 60 minutes of your life you’ve entrusted us. Every class and every instructor is different so we can promise you won’t get bored and will be continuously challenged and stimulated both physically and mentally. We love props! We also have’em all! From the small pilates ball, through the weights and elastics to the “ring of fire” - rest assured that you’ll have a chance to try all the “torture devices” we have in store. Plus, just when you start to think that a certain exercise is starting to become “easy”, don’t you worry, there’s always a prop or a modification of the exercise to spice it up for you!

Come and try a class with us to realise why the Pilates Method is truly the best! We can’t wait to see you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on strengthening the body and increasing its core power. The goal is the betterment of your general physical shape and overall wellness.

Not unlike yoga, the main elements in Pilates training are fixed in balance, posture and flexibility. One of the things that sets Pilates apart from other sports types of training  is that the possibility of an injury doing Pilates is minimal.

Pilates is all bout the link between our bodies and minds – while practicing Pilates your mind should always be aware of your breathing patterns and the ways in which your body is moving.

This method is coined by Joseph Pilates of Germany, a carpenter and gymnast fom Mönchengladbach. He invented Pilates as a program for injured dancers and soldiers while he was living in the United Kingdom. Pilates believed in an extremely close connection between the health of the body and that of the mind. During the Roaring Twenties he immigrated to the US and opened his first Pilates studio in New York. In the beginning this for of exercise bore a name of “Contrology”.

Joseph Pilates created the original device in 1946 and even though since then not much has changed in the machine itself, it remains one of the core equipment in practices of the Pilates Method. A Reformer bed consists of a metal or wooden frame with springs that are use to encrease or decrease the resistance. At the foot of a Reformer bed is, you guessed it, the foot bar while inside the frame, on inner rails lies and moves back and forth the softened standing platform or “mobile platform” which is equipped with small wheels for easy sliding. On the opposite side of the bed you’ll see a head rest and above it a set of so called ropes and pulleys for you to use with your hands and feet. The way Pilates exercises work on a Reformer is: you use the resistance of springs to lengthen and stretch the muscles and strengthen your body while at it. The resistance also helps your balance and increases the mobility span of your joints.

A Reformer is one of the most beneficial and hence well-loved devices in a contemporary Pilates studio. The Reformer bed with its moving platform guides, balances and eases you into the potential of your body – even if you’re a total beginner and have never exercised in your life. Meanwhile the precision and concentration required for the optimal results from every exercise lets you escape from the everyday world, as you learn to control your mind better.

The Reformer also allows training with higher intensity, requiring better coordination and balance thanks to the variety of springs in the device that serve as the counterstand to the movement you’re performing. Every exercise is directed at a specific muscle group. Pilates classes focus on the strength of your core muscles, muscles of your thighs and the lumbar area – these are the key muscular regions of our physical wellbeing.


Reformer Pilates is better than Pilates on Mat. This is due to many things: the variety of the exercises is significantly wider; the exercises usually work with muscles in a bigger span of movement which is ideal for building and toning the muscles as well as increasing the stability of the joints. When we work out on the Reformer, we engage more regions of our bodies than when we practice Pilates on Mat where the focus is solely on the core part of our body. Meanwhile Reformer Pilates allows us to engage the whole body with every little peripheral group of muscles. The Reformer also allows a full stretch for the body thanks to the resistance springs which cannot be reached in Pilates on Mat.


There are many benefits associated with practicing Reformer Pilates, here are some of them:

  • Helps relieve back pain
  • Improves posture
  • Adds grace to your movements
  • Builds muscle tone and endurance
  • Improves control over breathing
  • Provides excellent fat burning exercise
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Improves overall coordination, balance and flexibility
  • Increases self-esteem and well-being of mind and body

Yes! The Reformer is suitable for people of all ages, skill and coordination levels and physical shape. In reality the device itself is used widely outside of the Pilates studios, too – you could find a Pilates Reformer in rehabilitation centers, schools, gyms and hospitals. Reformers are often used for physical rehabilitation with sports people, people recovering from injuries or even for neuro-muscular disorder treatment in kids and adults.

Prices and types of cards

We offer group and individual Pilates training.


One class visit in a group


per class


Individual class


per class

Regular Goer Card

8 visits within 1 month


20 BGN per class

Prices and types of cards

We offer group and individual Pilates training.


One class visit in a group


per class


Individual class


per class

Group Class

Train with Friends


Per person. Only with 3+ signed up

Train with your

family and friends!

Give yourself a gift of time shared with your family and friends while keeping fit and toned together! You can reserve 3 or more reformers in the studio and come train outside of the pre-set schedule.

This way you can enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest without any outsiders.


What do our customer say about us


I am extremely satisfied with Janet’s classes! Before that, I tried another studio and injured myself for 1 month, even though I clearly warned the previous trainer that I was a complete beginner and was in pain after the first workout. In Pilates Mindset it is completely different. Janet takes into account everyone's individual health conditions and gradually increases the workout loads. In just 2 months of training, my body became leaner, firmer and more durable. It's nice to be able to wear my short skirts again and some clothes that I already thought would never fit. 😀 Thanks Janet! 💗
Dr. Vasilka Yurukova


Thanks for existing, Mindset Pilates!!! I owe my good physical health to you. I came to the studio with pain in my lower back and right arm, but I no longer have any complaints. Nine months of training straightened my body and I now know that it is important to build muscles that hold the body in its correct position. And so we continue without fail...:) I love you girls with all my ❤️. PS: you should consider a group for men, too...;)
Kalina Kirova


Great professionals! The workouts are great - not easy at all, but very relaxing. Suitable for beginners as well as advanced users, they are great for combining with high intensity training and are also a good choice for consistent training. The studio is always in perfect condition - shining with cleanliness. Janet is just lovely ❤️
Gergana Dimitrova


This place will get you fit and feeling better in no time! The studio is very tidy and cozy, while Tsvetelina, the instructor, is so fun and welcoming, it was hard to leave after the very first time (could also be the shaking legs after the workout).
Sonya Volkhonskaya


Ever since I discovered Mindset Reformer Pilates, I feel right in my place 🙂 Tsveti is amazing, she gives her 100% and requires 200% from us :))) I recommend that anyone who needs to tone and stretch their muscles tries the studio: ) and the best thing is that everything is combined with cheerful company and lots of smiles 🙂
Kamelia Salcheva


I go to these trainings with great desire. After a workout, I feel great in my body. I have a herniated disc, but since working out at this studio, I have had no lower back pain.
Maria Peykova

Want to start your Pilates adventure now?

Strengthen your body and mind by signing up for a class with us.

Working schedule:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 20:00h

Saturday 10:00- 12:00h

Mindset Reformer Pilates

Working schedule:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 20:00h

Saturday 10:00- 12:00h

Working schedule:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 – 20:00h

Saturday 10:00- 12:00h

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